kybun Affiliate Program

The Swiss Air Shoe from kybun provides a unique feeling of well-being when you walk and comparisons with any other shoe are hard to find.

The European population is currently embracing a major health movement. Increasing importance is being placed on nutrition and the nutrients associated with it. Healthy and sustainable products are growing rapidly and are becoming an integral part of our daily life.

The focus on exercise and sports is becoming more widespread. Sport as a mere performance boost is no longer enough for many people. More and more people want to feel good about themselves, rediscover their bodies and appreciate the health benefits of increased physical activity.

People are becoming more conscious of their health and how to better deal with the fragile world around them. The health-related lifestyle is playing an ever-increasing role.

We at kybun are committed to healthy exercise and you are invited to join our affiliate partner program.

Your job as kybun Affiliate

Talk and educate people about healthy exercise. Share your experience and knowledge about kybun products and choose from a collection of banners and text links and integrate them into your network. Recommend our products through social media channels.

The kybun commission model

Anyone who can relate to our brand can become an affiliate. No matter if it is a shoe, mat or fascia pistol. Affiliates who recommend our products receive a commission of 9% when someone makes purchases in our online shop as a result of their referral.

Advantages of the program
  • Competitive commission on confirmed sales of 9%
  • Extensive product selection
  • High and above average order value
  • One-year Cookie time window as long as our partnership continues to exist
Inspire other people

It's not just about earning commissions, but about a commitment to health. We consider getting the right exercise as a central focus for a person's health and happiness, and we want to see that from our affiliates who:

  • are passionate about the kybun brand and healthy lifestyle.
  • are happy to share convincing editorial contributions.
  • love everything that has to do with health, sports and quality of life.
  • have a target group that is aimed at men and women over the age of 30.
  • have a committed audience.
  • can increase impact through measurable performance

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