kybun mat Pyramid 80x60x6cm

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The kybun Pyramid mat has a unique coating which makes it waterproof and easy to clean. Be it for work or exercise – the kybun Pyramid mat comes in a compact size, making it versatile with bevelled edges to help reduce the risk of falling in everyday situations.

The kybun Pyramid mat is the ideal exercise technique for home or office:

  • Compact size makes it extremely versatile
  • Bevelled edges reduce the risk of falling in everyday situations
  • Unique coating ensures hygiene
  • Top quality design
Item no.: BB009A
Dimensions: 80x60x6cm
Material: PU foam & PVC cover
Cleaning: Suitable for dry and damp wiping
Weight: 3.5 kg

kybun mat comparison - like on a trampoline

The special properties of the kybun mat make standing for hours a pleasant and simple experience. Traditional PVC mats offered today only feel soft on the surface, but below the surface are hard and inelastic. In contrast, your foot sinks deep and soft into a kybun mat. The high quality PU material allows the foot to spring upwards like a trampoline. This specific feature sets the kybun mat apart from all other competitor mats and allows for afloating, relaxed feeling.

The kybun mat is Swiss Made

The kybun mat is made in Switzerland from an innovative material that is patent protected. This material consists of a specially developed multi-component polyurethane (PU), which is extremely soft, yet has a high long-lasting rebound force. The mat is produced in Switzerland under licence by one of the leading Swiss PU manufactures.

kybun mat Pyramid 80x60x6cm - Tips for use

  • To begin with, only use the kybun mat for as long as your body feels comfortable. The elastic springy kybun material encourages your body to relax and maintain good posture. Feel your muscles being exercised by constant, minute movements to maintain balance on the mat's unique material.
  • If you do not experience any problems when initially using the kybun mat all day, we recommend its continued use.
  • Take a break if you feel tired, pain or soreness to allow your body to recover.
  • Gradually increase the amount of use until you can use the kybun mat all day long. An extended period of use is a sign of improved all-round fitness.
  • Try to integrate the kybun mat into your daily routines as much as possible. The more you use it, the faster you will see improvements in your general fitness and well-being. It is best to break activity on the mat up into shorter periods several times per day. 
  • We advise you to perform our kybun exercises regularly. They help to relax your muscles and keep your body upright. This obviously helps to relieve your joints and reduce harmful tension and blockages.   
  • Only perform the kybun exercises that you and your body are comfortable with.

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