High-tech shoes from our own production

The kybun shoe production site in Sennwald (Switzerland) is at the heart of kybun shoe production.

Swiss Production
Swiss Production
Swiss Production
Swiss Production

The return to Switzerland

A landmark success to Swiss Manufacturers and a testimony to pioneering ambition, innovation and automation.

Karl Müller III, the inventor of kybun air-cushion technology, was always convinced by the opportunities that Switzerland offered for his innovative idea. Switzerland is known worldwide for its excellent craftsmanship, precision and quality in production. In addition, the country is a pioneer in advanced technology and sets high standards in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. By choosing to manufacture in Switzerland, Müller was able to ensure that kybun shoes would meet the highest standards and provide customers worldwide with a long-lasting and sustainable solution to their musculoskeletal pain, based on Swiss quality and precision.
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kybun also "Made in Italy"

The kybun shoe was originally manufactured in Montebelluna (Northern Italy) until the supply and logistics chains could be established in Switzerland. However, the Italian connection is no coincidence and lends a perfect harmony between Swiss precision and Italian design. Even today, half of kybun's shoes are still made in the company's own factory in northern Italy and handcrafted to the highest quality standards in over 40 production steps.

How your kybun shoe is made

In part 1 of the kybun mini-series, Adelaide explains to you how the upper shoe is made.

The kybun shoe high-tech production facility, specially developed by Karl Müller, reflects Switzerland's leading strength in innovation, precision and quality. In over 40 production steps, the kybun shoe is handmade to the highest quality standards.

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