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A job with the benefits of pain relief and healthy exercise.


kybun's revolutionary movement concept makes the workplace more ergonomic in a simple way
Working upright and moving on the elastic-sprung kybun mat is the healthy alternative to passive sitting. The elastic, springy structure encourages the foot and leg muscles to engage in subtle, constant activity in order to maintain balance and posture.

The kybun mat combined with a standing desk is also an important part of health management. A pleasant workplace increases employee motivation and satisfaction and reduces the number of sick days taken by the workforce.

More healthy movement in everyday life with kybun

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The kybun office

The revolutionary kybun movement concept is a simple way to improve ergonomics in the workplace

Standing exercises on the springy, elasticated kybun mat are the healthy alternative to passive sitting. The elastic, springy structure of the mat keeps the foot and leg muscles in constant activity in a subtle way to improve balance and posture. In addition, combining the kybun mat with a standing desk is an important part of health management. An ergonomic workplace increases employee motivation and satisfaction and reduces absences due to illness.

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Long and intensive days are normal in the healthcare sector

Long and intensive working days are the norm in the healthcare sector. Dr Konrad Birrer, consultant physician at the Swiss Medical Association in Lucerne, is convinced of the shoe's effectiveness: "The kybun shoes are an effective aid for proprioceptive training. You can wear them at any time and they are very comfortable. I was able to relieve the strain on my Achilles tendon just by wearing kybun shoes. I didn't need any special therapy because the elastic springy sole strengthened the stabilising muscles in my ankles and relaxed the overloaded muscles. I would recommend wearing kybun shoes after lower limb injuries and I would also recommend them for jobs where you have to stand all day".

Service industry

Advantages and effects of kybun

  • Proactive measures against back pain
  • Improves your physical and mental fitness
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves your posture
  • Keeps you healthy and fit without spending extra time
  • Makes walking exciting again

Hotels and catering

In the catering industry, good footwear is crucial when serving and preparing food

Standing for long periods in the wrong shoes leads to tired legs and aching feet. The kybun shoe provides relief and promotes well-being in the workplace. It also makes it easier to walk and stand for long periods thanks to the resilient air cushion sole.

The kybun shoe is designed to meet the requirements of the food industry

The soles are abrasion-resistant and particularly slip-resistant. This provides a secure grip and prevents accidents in the workplace. The foot climate system ensures optimum moisture and temperature regulation.

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Other professions

Unsuitable shoes often cause painful back tension

Ivan Bonderer from Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, worked as a groundsman at FC St. Gallen. In this job, he was able to take around 25,000 steps a day. His hip and knee problems were relieved by the air cushion shoe from kybun.

The business world

Our feet are our foundation stone

They support people throughout their lives. If you have a job that requires you to stand all day, you should therefore take special care to protect your feet and legs. The revolutionary kybun movement concept relieves the strain on your body and improves your working comfort. The elastic, springy sole stimulates the fine muscle tissue, which in turn stretches and strengthens the entire musculoskeletal system.

Retail trade

Retail employees often suffer from aching feet, tension and back pain

After a serious Achilles tendon operation, Duc Huynh from Interlaken in Switzerland lost feeling in his ankle. The managing director of a well-known watch and jewellery shop found it difficult to stand and walk. Until he discovered the Swiss air cushion shoe called kybun. They have become an invaluable part of his life. The shoe is elastic and springy and helps with the rolling movement. Duc Huynh is beaming: "I'm enjoying life again and can leave my pain behind me.

Factory worker

Our employees work with passion for kybun

In kybun shoe's high-tech production facility, which was specially developed by Karl Müller, thousands of pairs of shoes are produced, reflecting Switzerland's strength in terms of innovation, precision and quality. The kybun shoe is handmade by a dedicated team in over 40 steps to the highest quality standards.

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