Possible initial reactions for kybun beginners

The kybun shoe

Unique feeling

Everyone reacts differently to the unique but unfamiliar ‘walking-on-air’ feeling. Nine out of ten people can wear kybun shoes all day long right away and love the feeling and the effects. One in ten may experience ‘initial reactions’, and it is helpful to know what to do about them. We cannot say with certainty how the kybun shoe will affect you, this is because wearing the kybun shoe ‘renovates’ your body.

Antalgic gait:
Walking in normal shoes on flat surfaces protects the body instead of challenging it. This weakens the body instead of training it. Muscles become shorter and lose their sensomotoric abilities, among other things. Joints are subjected to improper strain. The entire system becomes susceptible to pain arising from overloading.

Natural gait:
Walking barefoot on uneven, natural surfaces such as sand trains the entire musculoskeletal system with every step, improving its power, coordination, sensomotoric ability, endurance, flexibility, etc. Joints are protected and muscles, ligaments and tendons become healthy and robust.

How kybun helps
Wearing the kybun shoe helps you to ‘switch gears’ from the antalgic gait to the natural gait. This transition is a smooth one in 90 per cent of cases. 10 per cent of users may experience temporary overloading reactions by immobile joints and weakened muscles, ligaments and tendons because after years of relieving postures, more time is needed to become accustomed to the new freedom of movement and the greater strength expenditure when wearing the kybun shoe.

The kybun products and how they work your body


Standing on kybun mats

The kybun mat encourages the body into constant, minute movements to maintain balance and posture. The rebound-effect causes the muscles to tense and relax simultaneously, exercising your feet, legs and body.


Walking in kybun shoes

The airy honeycomb structure of the kybun shoe creates an air-cushion between your foot and the ground. The kybun shoe‘s flexible, cushioned trampoline sole allows your feet to feel every detail of the ground, which stimulates the health-promoting receptors in your feet.


Elastic springy sole

Gives the foot maximum freedom of movement in all directions. The PU material allows the foot to spring back like a trampoline. This elasticity provides a high coordinative training effect and helps to balance the posture.


kybun | Joya seat cushion

The elastic-springy buffer zone of the seat cushion activates the sitting posture. The rebound effect causes a reciprocal tensing and relaxing of the gluteal muscles. The perfect for sitting whenever standing is not possible.

There is nothing fundamentally bad about experiencing an initial reaction since this is actually a sign that your kybun product is challenging the musculoskeletal system and locating the body’s weak points as well as its coordination and muscular deficits.

Problems that only arise some time after you begin wearing the kybun shoe shoes or problems that occur intermittently do not stem from general initial reactions.

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