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One such study was conducted by ETH Zurich, for example, in which kybun technology was compared with other market-leading health shoes and barefoot shoes.

The results showed that kybun shoes trigger greater movements in the foot and that the movement curves are more harmonious when stepping. The sole of the shoes significantly dampens the force exerted on the body in the first phase of the stride. Further details on this study and its results can be found here.

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Experts opinions about the Swiss air-cushion shoe


Dr Markus Müller

«Thanks to the kybun shoe, we can reduce patients intake of medication. As a result, the shoe is a key tool in therapy.»

Specialist for orthopedic surgery FMH (Swiss Medical Association), practice for foot surgery

Dr Andreas Gösele

«The shoe adapted very well to my foot shape and needs, and I was able to wear a shoe without insoles again.»

Head of Swiss Medical Center, Medical Director Crossklinik Basel

Dr Sabine Bleuel

«kybun shoes combine 3 important factors of healthy and comfortable footwear. The elasticity of each step, comfort from the shape and fit of the shoe and light training of the lower body, thanks to the principle of the non-rigid foot.»

Specialist in orthopaedics, trauma, hand and foot surgery

Prof Dr Christian Gäbler

«From a medical point of view, I recommend the kybun shoe especially to patients with posture or knee problems.»

Specialist for trauma surgery and sports orthopaedics

Dr Rolf Hohmeister

«For doctors, it has actually been a vision and a dream that something like this would come along.»

Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Bad Ragaz

Dr Gerard Farkas

«The high cushioning in the midfoot and forefoot make the kybun shoe ideal for people with such issues or misalignment of the toes and arthritis.

Specialist for orthopedic surgery, Basel, Schweiz

Dr Guntner-Niessen

«The shoe doesn't require any special mindfulness and yet it's fun to walk consciously in it.»

Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery, physiotherapist

«You can try kybun shoes, but not surgery!»

Karl Müller III

Movement Scientist & graduate engineer of ETH (Zurich)

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kybun ETH study

Walking is the most important form of transportation and consequently people spend a lot of time on their feet.

To understand the influence of Karl sen. & jr. Müller's «kybun» and «Joya» to examine the gait pattern when walking and running as well as the forces on the feet, the Biomechanical Institute of the ETH Zurich carried out a study with gait analysis. The study included 12 test persons (barefoot, kybun, Joya, MBT and 3 test persons Joyssy), high-speed video recordings of the ground step, kinetic measurements of the ground reaction forces and kinematic measurements of the position and movement of the body.

Results and interpretation (PDF)

"You can try kybun shoes, but not operations!"

Karl Müller, Movement Scientist & graduate engineer of ETH (Zurich)