Tired of walking with pain? – The Swiss air-cushion shoe

The Swiss air-cushion shoe kyBoot gives you a unique feeling of comfort as you walk that cannot be compared with any other shoe.

You will be a convert from the first step, and every further step you take will persuade you more.

The honeycomb air structure of kybun soles creates an air cushion between your foot and the ground, pumping a fifth of the air volume into your foot area with every step. This creates an extremely comfortable shoe climate.

The sole of the kybun shoe is the world’s first sole that allows feet to feel every detail of the floor. The soles of your feet will be gently stimulated with every step. This incredible innovation really comes into its own when you walk on gravel or cobblestones. 

Advantages and positive impact
  • Relieves the strain on joints and relaxes back muscles
  • Strengthens your foot, leg and core muscles
  • Increases calorie expenditure
  • Activates the leg and vein circulation
  • The soles of your feet are stimulated by ‘touching’ the ground