Do you suffer from tingling, burning or stinging sensations?


Toes falling asleep, tingling, numbness in the legs or feet

Sensory disturbances, such as numbness even to the point of losing one's feeling in the toes and fingertips on hands, legs and feet are often symptoms of certain disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Commonly, these conditions manifest themselves through symptoms in the limbs. The generic term for these diseases is known as polyneuropathy.

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The kybun principle - a proactive approach

Our online survey of over 10,000 participants shows the main causes of foot neuropathy problems and helps us to identify where kybun products can be used to help relieve symptoms.

8.3 % Vascular disease
12.3 % Diabetes
4.9 % Multiple Sclerosis
4.8 % Chemotherapy
22.9 % Incorrect footwear
46.7 % Unknown reason
The kybun shoe

The kybun solution

Regular exercise with kybun products releases tension in the pelvis and back area, pressure on the feet is significantly reduced and this increased activity stimulates the metabolism.

Symptoms such as poor coordination and balance can also be effectively counteracted by exercising with kybun shoes and kybun mats.

The elastic springy sole of the kybun shoe promotes coordination and strengthens the whole body. In addition, the ground is more noticeable than in a conventional shoe, which gives you more confidence when walking.

The Swiss health concept with kybun products

kybun mats

Sitting less

Sitting less and standing actively. Relieves tension, activates blood and lymph circulation and reduces pressure on the sole of the foot.

Foot Pressure

Avoid overloading

The comparison on the foot pressure measurement plate: more even pressure distribution in the kybun shoe (below) compared to the conventional shoe.

kybun shoes

Healthy exercise

kybun relieves tension through walking. In addition, blood and lymph circulation are activated and the pressure on the sole of the foot is more evenly distributed and therefore reduced.


Never lose hope

Michel from Wetzikon, Switzerland, suffers from the extremely rare vascular disease erythromelalgia. For a long time he barely left his home because of the pain, swelling and burning sensations in his limbs. Now, the Swiss air-cushion shoe from kybun is giving him new hope. Since he began wearing the springy, elastic soles, he has reduced his pain to between 25 and 50 per cent of previous levels. What’s more, the additional movement counteracts further damage caused by inactivity. Michel is delighted with the freedom he has regained and is convinced of the shoe’s benefits. He says, “The kybun shoe is adding a few extra years to my life.” He wants to inspire people with chronic pain and encourages them never to lose hope. He is convinced that the kybun shoes can help a wide variety of patients suffering from different health complaints.

Help with Parkinson's

Foot relief and improved balance

Sheri has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She noticed that her toes and feet were cramping up when she was walking. This made walking a real challenge for her but is now a thing of the past thanks to the kybun shoe. She has finally been able to relieve the pain in her feet and can move about a lot more during her everyday activities.

Important information about polyneuropathy

In the case of pronounced sensitivity and coordination disorders, the kybun shoe with a high trampoline effect may initially be too challenging, thereby heightening the risk of falling. If this is the case, the kybun shoe with a lower trampoline effect is more suitable for getting started. On the kybun mat and in the kybun shoe, those affected can do the exercises with reduced intensity and, if necessary, hold on to a fixed object.

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